Why Chariot Energy?

A Customer Favorite

We are confident you’ll be among the tens of thousands of happy customers already served by Chariot Energy.  Chariot is A+ Better Business Bureau accredited and 4.4 Stars on Google Ratings.  Enjoy best-in-class service that always puts our customers first.

A Plan for Everyone

You’ll enjoy 100% green energy sourced from a Texas renewable energy generation facility.  Term lengths run from a few months to a few years.  Chariot also offers solar buyback for homes with rooftop solar and free nights for homes with electric vehicle chargers.


Your Chariot has arrived, saving you from the shenanigans of hard-to-understand plans.  Here, there are no gimmicks and no hassles.  The ole term ‘for new customers only’ is a thing of the past.  Every customer gets our best rate whether you’ve been with us forever or a day.

100% Renewable Electricity

Enjoy 100% clean, renewable electricity.  Chariot Energy procures renewable energy certificates from Oberon Solar on behalf of its customers.  Oberon  Solar is a Texas solar farm developed and operated by 174 Power Global, Chariot’s parent company.  These plans make you a true consumer of Texas-made clean electricity.

I Don’t Have Solar Panels

No panels… no problem. We’ve got plans that allow you to reap the rewards of solar electricity without the need for solar panels. Be a true consumer of renewable energy sourced right here in Texas.

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I Have Solar Panels

Soak up the solar you need, get paid for what you don’t. We offer solar buyback plans that allow you to get paid for the extra solar generated by your solar panels each month.

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Got Solar?

Hear from from Chariot's head of sales on why
customers love solar buyback.

Great company with customer focus. If you have solar you should check out the solar buyback plans.

Carin M | Texas

Quick and fast signup. Get services on the same day.

Dat H | Burnet, TX

Quick and fast sign up. Just signed up with them. See what chariot has to offer!

Chris N | Houston, TX

I have been with Chariot since day 1. I love how the provide me a bill credit for the power from my solar panels I don’t use. The structure is the best I could find. Highly recommend.

Michael L | Texas

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We’ll take it from there – including notifying your utility of your enrollment.
No surprises. No hidden fees. Just good, clean energy backed by world class customer care.

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