Better Power
Has Arrived.

Affordable energy has never been so green

Switching from conventional power to a green electricity plan doesn’t mean you have to buy or lease equipment, such as solar panels.  Green energy works in your home just like traditional energy.  If you’re connected to the power grid, you can use clean energy to power your home.

100% Green. 0% Hassle.

Signing up in our self-service portal is as easy as 1, 2, 3.   Type in your zip, select a plan, give us your info and we’ll do the rest.   No surprises.  No hidden fees.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Chariot Energy customers and partners are able to take advantage of our leading edge smart technology to rapidly advance the Texas retail energy market.

A cleaner, brighter Texas

100% green Texas electricity plans make you a true consumer of clean, green power.

How We Get the Energy from the Sun to Your Home

Learn how we connect you with solar energy without you needing to install solar panels on your home. No premiums. No middleman. Just pure, clean energy.

Pick a Plan

For Homes

Go solar – without the panels. Transparent electricity plans and competitive rates make it easy for you to solarize your home’s power in 3 simple steps.

For Businesses

Lead the charge and make the change. Powering your business with energy harvested from Texas sunshine has never been easier.

A solar home is a clean home

Did you know you can go solar without the panels? With Chariot Energy you can!

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Simplify your energy bill

We make powering your home simple and cost effective. No gimmicks. No surprises. Just good clean energy.

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Never get left in the dark

As a Texas solar power company, we are here for you with our best in class customer care.

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Control and convenience

We realize there is nothing more important than simplicity and control in managing a business.

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Competitive energy rates

We offer the lowest rates possible. As a bonus – our energy is harvested from the sun’s endless supply.

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Continuous support

Our cutting edge customer communication platform will keep you dialed in as much or as little as you’d like.

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