Your chariot awaits

Not only is Chariot Energy your energy provider, we’re also the wholesaler. This means we generate solar power and send it to the grid. As a Chariot Energy customer – you reap those benefits through competitively priced rates and plans, and the peace of mind knowing the energy you’re consuming is made by the endless supply of the sun.

We debunk the myth around solar being too expensive. While it’s easier for suppliers to offer solar generated electricity, they will often do so for a premium. Because we’re the wholesaler, we’re able to offer solar electricity without the premium. We are here for the long haul with a customer-first mindset. We realize it’s not just about acquiring new customers. When we walk the talk, it will be a no-brainer for customers who are looking for pricing stability from an energy supplier who is focused on long term commitments to its customers – at the residential and commercial levels.