Your Chariot Awaits

Chariot Energy isn’t just your energy provider… We’re also the wholesaler. This means we generate solar power and send it to the grid. As a Chariot Energy customer – you reap those benefits through competitively priced rates, solar buyback programs, high quality solar materials through QCells, and the peace of mind knowing the energy you’re consuming is made by the endless supply of the sun. 

We are here for the long haul with a customer-first mindset. Customers who face high rates from their current energy providers are welcomed here at Chariot. With no gimmicks, hidden fees, or tricks, you will find that our offerings will provide you with ease in knowing you made the right choice in choosing Chariot as your energy provider.  

Our goal is to go beyond just acquiring new customers. If you’re looking for pricing stability from an energy supplier who is focused on long term commitments to its customers at the residential and commercial levels, our team at Chariot Energy will ensure your solar energy journey is seamless and meaningful. 

By providing you with energy backed by transparency, integrity, and no upfront costs, you’ll soon realize why it is a no-brainer to go with Chariot Energy. See for yourself why so many customers are choosing to get their solar on with us.