Solar Buyback

Earn credits for selling your extra solar!

Enroll in Shine or Radiant and be rewarded with your extra solar electricity. Sign up in minutes and potentially save big on your monthly electric bills.

Save Green with Green Power from Chariot

Couple the 100% clean power from Chariot Energy
with your rooftop solar panels for a win-win!

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Earn up to 25 cents per KWH on select Shine and Radiant plans.

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Sell Us Your
Extra Solar

We will credit your bill for the extra electricity made by your panels. Simply sign up amd we'll dp the rest. It's really that easy!



Unfortunately, as we all know the sun doesn't shine all day in Texas. Lock in a competitive rate to power your home when your panels aren't at work.

Green from the Grid

In the event your home solar panels don't produce what your household consumes, rest assured we will source your grid power from the cleanest sources available including one of our own solar power plants here in Texas.

Simple. Easy. No Upfront Cost.

Congratulations on your decision to install solar panels on your home. The rest of your energy will flow into the grid, and transmission lines, and be delivered to you!

Easy Green

Going green has never been easier for our customers. Choose Chariot and receive 100% clean energy without the premium and without the middleman.