Henry is a big picture guy-mostly because he’s really near sighted…but he is crystal clear on one thing: the need to accelerate the green transformation in the energy industry to create a brighter and more sustainable future for all of us. He hopes you join us in making this change.

Henry ‘Boss Man’ Yun CEO, 174 Power Global

In Kyu joined Chariot Energy to take the helm of CEO in October 2022.  But, he’s no stranger to Hanwha, having been with the company since 2010 in multiple positions in M&A, purchasing, planning and strategy and human resources.  In Kyu is proud to now call Houston home after recently moving to the Lone Star State from South Korea with his wife and baby daughter.

In Kyu Park CEO, Chariot Energy

Mohsin is the Chief Operating Officer. As a serial entrepreneur, he founded one of the first independent retail electricity providers in Texas, but has also run a corporate division with four hundred employees and a billion dollars in revenues. He is super excited to lead the charge of bringing truly sustainable but amazingly affordable energy to Texans. Mohsin has lived in four countries, can play several musical instruments, and is married to his high school sweetheart.

Mohsin 'The Talent’ Khoja Chief Operating Officer

You can’t be an IT and technology executive unless your very first computer was a Commodore 64 and you learned your first programming language in Basic. Sajjad is a real whiz in his wheelhouse, having been the first to develop an Amazon Alexa skill for retail energy customers. When not spending time making Chariot Energy the technology leader in retail energy, Sajjad enjoys spending time with his wife and two daughters. He’s is also a ringer on the volleyball court and frequently hits the road for long bike rides around the Lonestar State.

Sajjad ‘Transformer’ Mussani Chief Information Officer

Carolyn is a legal and human resources human hybrid who likes building new projects and tackling problems; the bigger the project, the more she likes the challenge.  She is a huge solar fan and also enjoys playing the piano during her off hours.

Carolyn 'Legal Eagle' Byun COO, 174 Power Global

A former news anchor in his past life, Brian now makes the news instead of reporting it by spending his work days captaining Chariot marketing activities. He is passionate about making solar affordable for all – and excited to be doing just that. He’s lived in eight states, is married to the woman of his dreams and has three boys all under the age of 10. In his spare time Brian enjoys the outdoors and reminiscing about his days as a one-time contestant on the Price is Right, when the legendary Bob Barker ran the show.

Brian ‘Anchorman’ Armentrout Sr. Marketing Director

Amir is a car enthusiast who enjoys watching sports, but not at the same time. He was born in Africa and grew up in the Middle East and South Asia. He later moved to the states for high school and college. He married his gorgeous wife and they have two beautiful daughters- a 6 year old and 8 month old. He likes to jam out to “Baby Shark, do, do, do, do, do, do” and party it up at Chuck E Cheese.

Amir ‘Fabio' Khan Sr. Operations Director

Young is the quintessential ‘Man from Earth’ having lived on every continent of the world (except Antarctica). His globe trotting began when he was born in Rome Italy and then studied/worked in countries such as (but not limited to) Ethiopia, Nepal, Australia, China, Ecuador, South Korea, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Turkey, UAE and the United States. Young has served in the ROK Army in a joint command of US-UN-ROK Forces. After his service, Young has specialized in the electric power industry with over 15 years of experience (from equipment, EPCC, development, technology and energy retail) and has participated in securing/planning multi billion dollar projects around the world.


David Hunsaker brings a BIG personality and 15 years of experience to Chariot Energy. He is a well- traveled and good-looking chap, (his words) and outside of his love for the industry- his family of 5 electrifies his life with non-stop excitement and activity! And by activity, that means traveling all over the US and past moves to both Australia and Russia. His life’s journey has melded his passions of travel and family in the perfect relaxation, putting everything into perspective.

David ‘Excel-erator’ Hunsaker Sr. Supply Manager

Tim is taking the reins of the sales team. He is devoted to demonstrating to customers that solar energy doesn’t have to cost more than traditional ‘brown’ power, and matching them up with the best valued plans for their needs. Originally a yankee from Connecticut, he has embraced the Texas way of life with gusto!

Timothy ‘The Closer’ Richmond Sr. Sales Manager

Chris is a numbers guy. He studied finance and accounting in Bloomington, Indiana – preparing for tests lying down in corn fields. Born and raised in South Korea, Chris served in the military for two years, and is now married to his lovely and charming wife and has an adorable 9 month old prince.

Chris ‘Bean Counter’ Jin Finance Manager

Our billing and transactions EXTRA-ordinare. She’s all about reducing this world’s dependence on fossil fuels. You can find her curled up reading a good book (sometimes even while at work) or with her 2 pups. Oh yeah, Geaux Saints!

Britney ‘Smooth Operator’ Taylor Operations Manager

Shundrika was born in New Orleans, raised in California, and moved to Texas in 2012 by way of Georgia. She married her computer love in 2011 and they have two boys ages 7 and 2. Shundrika is a foodie and enjoys living in the South where everything is fried, dyed, covered and smothered. Her first job when she moved to Texas was in the retail energy industry and she has been here ever since!

Shundrika "Sunshine" Houston Operations Analyst

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