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Save money with Chariot Energy's Solar Buyback Plans

Sell us your extra solar

Chariot Energy will credit your monthly bill for the unused power that your panels produce.

Get unlimited credits

Bill credits are automatically applied and never expire, as long as you're a Chariot Energy customer.

Count on a fixed rate

Should you need more energy than your panels produce, you'll have a low, fixed energy rate on the power you need from the grid.

Here's how it works

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Let your solar panels generate energy - Just like you do now, you'll power your home through the energy you generate.
Get money back for any energy you don't use - When your solar panels generate more energy than your home needs, we'll buy that extra energy from you at its real market value (unlike other companies who only pay you a fraction of what it's worth).

Of course, if you need additional grid energy when your solar panels haven't generated enough for your home, you'll have the peace of mind of a low, fixed-rate plan.

Don't have solar panels?

No worries! You can still go green with one of our 100% clean energy plans for your home. You'll get a competitive rate with transparent terms – and it's easy to enroll online.Shop Plans.

Frequently asked questions

A Solar Buyback Plan is an energy plan where you earn credits for 100% of the extra electricity your solar panels generate. And if your panels don't generate enough, you get energy from the grid at a low, fixed rate.

Your bi-directional utility meter monitors how much electricity you use vs. how much electricity your solar power system generates.

No worries! If you don't have extra energy to sell back at any point, there is no penalty. In fact, if you need extra energy from the grid, you'll get it at a low, fixed rate.

You will receive bill credits on future energy bills. Your credits never expire as long as you remain a Chariot Energy customer.

Yes, if you live in Texas and already have solar panels installed on your home.

It's easy! Find the best plan for you by providing your zip code now.

No problem! We can help you select a home solar system and get it installed through our network. Just give us a call at 855-524-2746.

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