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Texas is booming with data centers, and we know how to help. In the fast-paced world of data centers, managing energy costs while ensuring a reliable and efficient energy supply is crucial especially with the extensive use of servers, cooling systems, and other high-demand equipment. Chariot Energy offers specialized electricity solutions tailored to the needs of data centers across Texas. Chariot brings flexible terms, aggressive pricing, and a long-term & financially stable value proposition. Chariot is part of Hanwha Group, a multi-national fortune 250 company with more than seven decades of business.  We couple our global financial stability with local expertise to leverage value and develop electricity plans that just make sense.

Why Choose Chariot Energy?

At Chariot Energy, we understand the unique energy needs of data centers. Our tailored energy solutions for data centers are designed to provide flexibility, stability, and savings, helping your data center thrive in a competitive market.


If your data center operates in the deregulated energy markets in Texas under ERCOT, Chariot has the electricity plans for you, no matter the size of your business. By choosing Chariot Energy, you’re investing in a reliable, cost-effective, and sustainable energy future for your business. Join the many Texas data centers that trust us to power their operations with confidence.

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What Chariot Energy Offers

Price Protection

Lock in our lowest fixed-rates available to avoid fluctuating energy costs. Protect your data center from energy price spikes and gain long-term savings.

Lower Daytime Rates

Take advantage of strategic pricing with time-of-use (TOU) plans for your data center. If your business operates around the clock or has peak usage times, benefit from lower rates during off-peak hours and flexible scheduling.

Long-Term Contracts

Safeguard against market volatility and ensure your energy costs remain predictable for YEARS. With a long-term contract, protect your data center with price protection in the long run.

Features and Benefits

Customized Solutions

We’ll work with you to develop energy plans that match the specific operational needs and usage patterns of your data center.

Competitive Pricing

Get fair and honest pricing tailored to the specific needs of your data center.

Extended Forward Start Dates

Lock in today’s pricing with a contract start date up to several months down the road.

White-Glove Concierge Service

Work directly with an energy expert to power your business swiftly and easily.

Fast Response Times

Reach us by phone or by web and a seasoned energy expert will provide your quote the same day.

Chariot Energy Testimonials

David R

I was given a number of choices from my contact and Chariot Energy provided the best [rates] based on our KWH usage. The process was rapid, straight forward, and easy. Looking forward to quality service.

Raslin H

I have been with Chariot Energy for 4 years. And have never had issues with rates are good and excellent customer service. I recommend Chariot Energy to anyone looking for excellent service and rates.

Danielle G

Switching over was very easy and fast! Within minutes after applying, I received communication with my account information and service was switched the same day.

Nicholas H

Very easy to sign up and their pricing is hard to beat.

Sean A

I switched over due to being overcharged my a larger provider. It was quick and easy with the perfect amount of help and savings. Those add up and are appreciated.

Stacie L

Chariot was great! The associate who helped me enroll spent nearly an hour on the phone with me answering questions and provided me with a quote on the same call.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We take these requests case by case but can generally accommodate any forward start date to suit your needs.

Whether you choose solar buyback or 100% solar plans [no solar panels required], you have the ability to lock in fixed rates, time of use options, and ECRS pass through charges. The choice is yours!

Of course! Offering 100% green electricity plans is our bread and butter. With our parent company, 174 Power Global, we can help deliver all the green electricity you need. No middleman required!

The ERCOT Contingency Reserve Service is a new ancillary service that was implemented to help support grid reliability and minimize real-time operational issues in an effort to keep supply and demand balanced. For more information about the ECROT Contingency Reserve Service, please visit.

Absolutely! We value our sales partners as a way to reach the larger ERCOT market and identify new opportunities. For more information please reach out to