Demand for renewable energy plans has grown over the past decade, and few states have embraced them. Chariot Energy has risen to that challenge by giving you the ability to use 100% solar power in your home without needing to install solar panels.

Our Electricity Plans Include

Clean Energy from Solar Power

At Chariot Energy, we believe in providing green energy plans, sourced by 100% solar power, without the premium.

No Fees & Free Cancellation

No fees. No clubs to join. No convoluted pricing. And, you can cancel your plan for free within 30 days.

No-Deposit Electricity

Depending on your credit you may be able to skip the deposit. That’s more green in your pocket!

Locations Where We Provide Green Energy Plans

What Is Energy Choice?

You have the freedom to choose the energy company you like, which means you can sign up for a 100% green power plan from Chariot Energy! As an energy consumer, you hold all the power — as in, you are given the ability to vote, just by how you spend your dollars. So, when you make the decision to buy a green energy plan for your home, you’re showing the electricity industry that renewable energy is a priority.

Father and son playing in the backyard

Go Green with Chariot Energy

We provide your home with electricity from 100% clean and renewable solar energy. Chariot Energy and our affiliates own the entire supply chain — the raw materials, solar farms, etc. And now as a new Texas retail electric provider, we’ve cut out the middleman to pass the savings onto the customer! This means our green energy plans are priced to compete with traditional electricity plans powered by fossil fuels.

As a global leader in solar technology innovation, Chariot Energy believes everyone should be able to use solar electricity without the cost of adding panels to your home. We offer simple plans with transparent pricing and no hidden fees because you shouldn’t be confused by your energy company. We want to forever change how people power their homes, and we believe this means making sustainable energy the future.

Ready to join the green energy revolution? Choose Chariot Energy today!