Gain More Money from Your Battery Energy Storage System (BESS)

Enlist your batteries in Chariot Energy's Battery Rewards Program. Earn a $40 bill credit every month... just for participating!

How Chariot's Battery Rewards Program Works

Become The Solution

Once enrolled, we’ll help discharge your battery reserves with a daily schedule to maximize the impact of your battery.

Export Energy. Get Rewarded.

You’ll receive a $40 bill credit for each month you’re enrolled in our Battery Rewards program. That’s $40 deducted from every electric bill… just for participating!

Safe Scheduling

We’ll establish a safe, daily schedule to discharge your battery reserves, while ensuring your battery’s charge is secure in case of inclement weather.

Elevate Your Home Battery’s Value

By taking part, you will not only save money on your monthly electric bills, but also support your fellow Texans by helping to stabilize and balance our state’s electricity supply.

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Benefits of Being Part of Our Battery Rewards Program

Maximize the Value of Your Home Battery

Help promote grid stability and reliability by discharging necessary energy to the grid when needed.

Double Down on Your Credits

The phrase “not valid with other offers” is a thing of the past! Not only will we pay you $40 every month for being in the program, but as a solar buyback customer, we’ll also buy back any excess electricity generated by your solar panels. Combined, these credits together could yield substantial savings for your household.

Opt-In… Out-Out… At Your Discretion

This program is an add-on, month-to-month option, therefore you can opt-in and opt-out without penalty. Should you decide to opt out, you’ll continue to enjoy all the other great benefits of your existing electricity plan.

Always Charged. Always Secure

With a safe, daily charge and discharge schedule, you’re secure in knowing your batteries are properly managed. This means we’ll ensure your home receives power before reserves are discharged to the grid.

Who Is Eligible?

You must have reliable home internet (Wi-Fi). this will be necessary to remotely manage your battery storage system

You must have an approved battery  installed and under normal operations at your home.

You must be a Chariot Energy customer enrolled in a Chariot Energy electricity plan.

Interested in Earning Money with Our Battery Rewards Program?

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Chariot's Battery Rewards Program is a remote-controlled system that links together different energy sources, like solar panels and batteries, to act as one big power plant. it helps balance energy supply and demand for our great state while using renewable energy more efficiently. You’ll be saving money and helping your fellow Texans.

By enrolling in our Battery Rewards Program, your home battery would be remotely managed on your behalf to maximize the impact of the energy stored in your battery by optimizing discharge timing. By discharging the energy into the grid, when needed, you’re not only promoting grid stability and reliability but also eligible to receive a $40 bill credit toward your monthly bill.

You must have operational solar power, an approved battery energy storage system, and be enrolled as a Chariot Energy customer. If you're not yet a Chariot Energy customer, don't worry… just visit this page and we can sign you up

Currently we only support the Qcells Battery for this program. Batteries created and installed by other brands may be available at a later date. To learn more about the Qcells Battery, please visit

Currently, only Q.HOME (Qcells) batteries are eligible for our program. Don’t worry… We’re working on expanding our inventory to include more other brands of batteries!

Yes! Our Battery Rewards Program is available for both new and existing customers. To be eligible for our Battery Rewards program, you must be enrolled in a Chariot Energy plan and have an approved battery energy storage system.

By participating in our Battery Rewards Program, you’ll receive a $40 bill credit for every month you participate. Should you decide to opt-out of our program or change configuration from what we scheduled, we reserve the right to disallow the bill credit for that billing period.

Our Battery Rewards Program is a month-to-month add-on service. That means you may opt-out of the service without penalty at any time. Just contact us should you decide to opt-out and we’ll take care of it from there!

You will receive these credits directly on your monthly electricity bills from Chariot Energy. This means lower electric bills!

We will only gain access to manage your battery system if authorized. We’ll manage your batteries on your behalf. You may choose to opt-out or override our control of your batteries at any time during the program. However, please note that choosing to opt-out or override our control of your batteries may result in loss of bill credits for that billing period.

Your home will always receive power from your battery before any reserves are discharged to the grid during an event. The energy is only available to be discharged to the grid when the load is smaller than the available output from your battery. We’ll always keep your battery’s charge above 20% State of Charge (SOC).

This program is a month-to-month add-on service. You have the freedom to opt-in or opt-out without any penalty. The current contract term and ETF of your solar buyback plan are still valid and will not change. Your buyback credits from your solar buyback plan will also not be affected, meaning you can earn a $40 bill credit for participating as well as monthly buyback credits as outlined by your solar buyback plan.

If you choose to switch to another REP, you will automatically be disenrolled from our program and will no longer be eligible to receive any future credits. Please note, the early termination fee for your energy plan may apply.

By enrolling in our Battery Rewards Program, you authorize us to access and monitor your home battery system performance and data and share it with participating third parties. *Please see Terms and Conditions for additional details*