EV Charging Electricity Plans

Free Nights Have Never Mattered More

You did your part. Now we've done ours.

Say hello to EV Ride, the newest member of our growing product suite. If you own an EV, you are eligible for EV Ride, a plan which gives you free electricity to power your home EV charger between 11PM and 6AM CST.

Yes. We're Serious.

Save Green with Green Power from Chariot

Couple the 100% clean power from Chariot Energy
with your rooftop solar panels for a win-win!

Price Protection

Cruise into savings with an energy rate of $.00 per kilowatt hour overnight, while taking advantage of a locked in, fixed rate for the remainder of the day.

Term Lengths

Chariot has options for different energy contract term lengths to fit your needs. If you need a short term or long term - we've got you covered.

Customer Care

Chariot's mantra is simply 'customer first.' Enjoy the same great service from our team of customer care pros you've come to expect from Chariot Energy.

Chariot's EV Ride energy plans are only available to residential customers who own electric vehicles and charge those electric vehicles at the service address indicated on customer's Chariot account. If Chariot determines a is customer enrolled in Chariot Ride does not charge an EV at the service address, Chariot Energy reserves the right to move the customer to another Chariot Energy plan at it sole discretion OR give the customer the option to cancel their Chariot Energy contract. Plan transfers and cancellations will not be made without at least 30 days notice to the customer.