At Chariot, we believe it’s time for energy to move forward. We deliver 100% solar power that’s as affordable as brown power, so everyone can get electricity from the sun without getting panels.

In an effort to move the industry forward, we’re transforming the way energy business is conducted. With Texas-sized solar farms, easy-to-understand plans, and transparent pricing/programs to reward homeowners utilizing solar energy, we’re changing the way solar energy is viewed in Texas. We’re on a mission to bring solar to all, and give solar panels owners better prices, better materials, and incredible earnings. So, pick a plan, earn credits, and take advantage of Chariot power.

Energy In a Whole New Light
01We’re big in the sunshine biz

We’re part of a global leader in solar technology. So in addition to delivering solar, we also manufacture the panels and produce the actual power that’s supplied to the grid. No middleman means we can offer clean solar power at prices competitive to traditional sources of power.

02We’re Clear as Day
03We’re Leading the Charge