You Have the Power to Choose Your Electric Company in Fort Worth

If you’re a resident of Fort Worth, you have the power to choose how you want to pay for energy and even where that power comes from. Because we own our entire supply chain, we’re able to pass that savings directly to our customers. 

There’s no middleman—only savings! Best of all, you don’t even need solar panels. With Chariot, going green has never been easier (or more affordable). 😎


Renewable Energy


No Deposit for Qualified Customers

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Affordable Electricity Rates

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  • Green energy powered by solar
  • Stable fixed rate
  • No deposit for qualified customers †
  • Try for 30 days without commitment


  • Green energy from grid solar
  • $90 bill credit at 1,000 kWh
  • No monthly service fee
  • Try for 30 days without commitment

EV Ride

  • Free energy overnight
  • Charge your EV for free
  • No deposit for qualified customers †
  • Try for 30 days without commitment

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Fossil Fuels are Out. Green Energy in Fort Worth is in.


At Chariot, we’re on a mission to change how Texans understand their electricity usage. Across our state, brown power is gradually being phased out by cleaner, greener options like solar and wind. 

This includes the massive solar farm Chariot and our affiliate companies have in West Texas, one that will upgrade our state’s electricity grid while also showcasing our belief in environmental solutions. 

Thus, we’re able to offer electricity rates on green energy that anyone can afford. We’re ready to create a brighter future — for you and for everyone!

How Renewable Energy Works in Fort Worth and Greater Texas

Curious how Chariot is able to power homes and businesses with 100% solar energy without physical solar panels on their roofs? Let us introduce you to the concept of Solar Renewable Energy Certificates (SRECs). 

These certificates are the “money” of the renewable energy market — they represent every single cent of the electricity produced from solar energy. If SRECs did not exist, we could not guarantee that the power you buy is indeed generated from solar sources. 

These credits act like an insurance policy, as they guarantee that your green energy plan is valid and that you’re actively lowering your carbon footprint. 

Ready to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint?

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