If you’re reading this, chances are you want to leave this world better than you found it. One way you can achieve that is by making smart choices about how you live. The truth is everything we do has an environmental impact, from the food we eat to the clothes we buy. They can either positively — or negatively — affect the environment. 

This is why sustainability and sustainable living are so important. As humans, we must learn to take care of the world around us now so that we can leave a better future behind for our children and future generations. But the question remains: How do we do it?

It seems easy: Do things that benefit the environment. But the details of actually bringing that answer to life can be complex. While there are countless ways we can help the environment either directly or indirectly, it can be super intimidating to figure out where to begin. Sure, you can dip your toes in the sustainable living waters by recycling a few cans here and there to start, but you’ll quickly see that there’s so much more to do. 

As a solar energy company, however, our very existence hinges upon making the lives of our customers (and yes, the world) a bit better than we left it — and educating them on how to do so! Thus, we’ve collected our favorite green living and sustainability resources into a single location. You’ll find real tips for real people that you can implement today, along with aspirational goals to set for yourself in the near future. 

Let the green living begin! 

Your Desert Island Guide to Sustainable Living

If you’re new to eco-friendly living, start here. And if you’re a seasoned sustainer, we recommend you still start here! These tips represent the bare-bones basics of what it means to live green, the stuff everyone should do every day. We’ve got everything you need to become a contributing member of sustainability, from how to recycle that water bottle you just emptied to reducing your carbon footprint (which we explain below).

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How to Recycle and Do It Properly

Recycling really is one of the easiest things you can do to be green. Almost anything with a recycling symbol (♻️) on it can be reclaimed and used again. But the trick is that some items require an extra step like washing out a container. In this article, we teach you how to recycle the 8 most common household items.

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 7 Things You Might Be Recycling Wrong

Recycling is great, but when you do it incorrectly, you might be doing more harm than good. Known as aspirational recycling, this occurs when we accidentally throw something that can’t be recycled (like single-use plastic bags) into the recycling bin thinking it’s a commonly recycled item. We’ve caught the 7 most common culprits for you and explain how to properly recycle them.


The 5 Most Important Green Living Tips

If you were to only follow 5 tips from us, these are the most important. This article will explain how to reduce your waste, reduce your carbon footprint, shop more consciously, and save energy by being more energy efficient in your home. This is the best place to start because you really can see the results of your actions.

Learn About Your Carbon Footprint

As we mentioned above, every action has an impact on the environment. The sum total of these actions becomes your carbon footprint. Every person has one, and the path to reducing it starts with your individual actions. Let’s talk about what makes up your footprint, other contributing factors and ways you can begin shrinking it today. 


What is My Carbon Footprint?

It’s easy to take for granted one person’s environmental impact. But when you multiply that by approximately 7.5 billion (and counting), you start to see why encouraging everyone to live a sustainable life is more important than ever. We explain everything you need to know about your carbon footprint, including an easy-to-understand definition. 

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What are Greenhouse Gases?

Despite what you might have heard, we need some greenhouse gases (GHGs). We rely on them to keep our planet’s atmosphere warm and cozy. However, when we have too many GHGs in the atmosphere, that’s when it starts to become alarming. Learn what’s going on in our atmosphere right now and how you can reduce your carbon emissions. 

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10 Easy Ways to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

We’ve got even more eco-friendly advice for you! From driving less and taking more public transportation, to conserving water, wasting less food, and getting more out of what you’ve got, we’ve got the tips you need to transform your life for good — and even save some money! 

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What are Carbon Offsets?

Another fun fact: Green energy is not the same as clean energy. We explain the differences in detail and try our best not to sound like a textbook while doing it. 

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What Does It Mean to Be Carbon Neutral?

Did you know renewable energy has its own currency? It’s called a Renewable Energy Certificate, and in this article, we go over everything you should know about them.

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Saving Energy to Lower Your Footprint

On the surface, the answer seems pretty simple: fossil fuels include coal, oil and natural gas, while green energy includes solar, wind and others. We explain the real differences here. 

Next-Level Sustainable Living Tips

These tips are for those who wanna take their sustainable journey to the next level. We discuss topics like solar panels, renewable energy, air conditioning tips and more! If you’ve made it this far, then you’re in for a sweet, sustainable treat! 

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25 Green Living Tips: Easiest to Most Difficult

If you thought we couldn’t have more tips — then think again! We’ve gathered a whopping 25 green living tips to share with you that deliver the greatest environmental impact, from easy and intermediate ideas to more advanced recommendations. Are you up for the challenge? 


How to Reduce Your Entire Family’s Footprint

That’s right, we’ve got tips for your whole household. Whether you’ve been living sustainably for years or are just embarking on your journey to a more environmentally-conscious life, it’s always nice to have support from the people around you. Here are 4 ways you can reduce your whole family’s footprint. 

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Your Guide to the Four R’s of Green Living

Reduce, reuse, recycle, repurpose. We give you actionable advice on how to increase each of those in your everyday life. You can do your part to help the environment, but you just have to be a bit creative!

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