Whether you’re new to working from home or it’s part of your regular routine, our current situation is still … weird. Not only do we have to get actual work done at home, but our families are also home, which only adds an extra layer of distraction. Oh, and did we forget to mention this is all happening because of a world pandemic? 

In the time of the coronavirus, our entire way of living has been disrupted, and adjusting to this “new normal” can be — in the ultimate understatement of all time — challenging. To help you and the other 7.8 billion humans on Earth, your friends at Chariot Energy have assembled our favorite work-from-home tips to help you — and us — get through this. We’ve even added some of our own to keep your electric bill from eating your wallet. 

If You Received a Bigger-Than-Normal Energy Bill

No one wants a bigger bill, especially now. You’ve got 99 other problems, and your electricity bill shouldn’t be one of them! 

The reality is that because our routines have changed, so has our energy usage. Because you’re at home pretty much all the time, your electricity bill is going to go up, but our seven tips for minimizing your energy usage when working from home will help you be more energy efficient, thus keeping costs down during this crazy time of uncertainty.

If You Have Trouble Focusing on Work

We get it. School worksheets are scattered across the floor. TVs are roaring. Kids are screaming. Spouses talking on conference calls. The pandemic. It’s all really stressful.

Luckily, Inc. offers 10 ways for you to stay motivated, keep focused, and maintain high productivity. Some of us are currently implementing their “52 and 17” rule, and it genuinely works!

If Your Kids are Out of School and at Home

One word: Chaos. 

Yes, that video is funny, but even if you implemented all of the tips above, balancing work and kids at the same time is still difficult. We especially love the honesty of this writer from Business Insider who crafted the below article sitting in her bathroom so she could get a spare moment from her children. As a freelancer who has worked from home and homeschooled her kids for three years now, her 10 tips on how to work from home with kids are fool-proof. Chariot tested and approved!

If You Feel Like You’re About to Lose Your Mind

Snack breaks and setting boundaries are key, according to this article from WIRED that offers eight methods for keeping it together during this crazy time. The author walks you through how he’s been successful after nearly a decade of working remotely.

Hint: You’ve got to separate your home life from your work life — even if you’re working at home. 

If You’re Having Technical Issues

It might seem like cold comfort when you’re finishing that big project, but it may not be your technology at fault. Millions of Americans are using their Internet Service Provider’s bandwidth, too, which is causing average speeds to slow down. Although you can’t do much about that, you can implement many other technology optimizations to make working from home a little more bearable. 

We found the best resource to be from ABC News in collaboration with Digital Trends. They explain everything you could possibly need to set up your coronavirus-ready home office

If You’re Co-Working from Home with a Significant Other

It can be difficult to truly separate work life from your home life, especially when your significant other has now become your co-worker. CNN shares seven tips to survive working from home with your spouse from Anthony Chambers, a couple and family psychologist and chief academic officer at The Family Institute at Northwestern University.

If You Need to Find Some Joy in the Darkness

Marie Kondo — the famous Japanese organization expert known for her KonMari method of only keeping items that “spark joy” — recently shared her coping strategy and how she still finds moments of joy in life, despite the looming threat of COVID-19. 

We’re all facing this global situation together, so we could all use some joy. Find what sparks joy in your life and hold on to it!

Stay safe out there. Keep calm. Don’t buy all of the toilet paper. We can do this. Together.

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