Experts say we have 6 years to limit our carbon emissions or face the consequences. People want to help by using clean energy. But with fluctuating energy markets and high electricity prices, that’s becoming a tall order.

We’re here to change that. Green energy has some of the cheapest energy options, cheaper even than coal and gas. However, rising inflation and Texas’ bumpy energy supply mean everyone needs to pinch pennies.

In this guide, we’ll discuss saving tips for Texans suffering from the energy crisis. Keep reading for ways to save money on the next local utility bill.

Making a Habit of Turning off What We Don’t Use

This may seem like the most obvious advice in the world. But as people make this into a habit, they stand to save more energy than they might think. And chances are they’re not aware of some appliances that are draining energy.

A lot of devices, from computers to appliances, draw phantom power even when not in use. This may be a small amount, but over time it adds up. Something as simple as a phone’s charging brick can suck up a steady stream of 25 watts.

Don’t just make sure to turn off lights after using them. We need to do a thorough check of the home and identify devices that could be sucking power while off.

Get used to shutting off devices completely rather than putting them into sleep mode. Turn off computers and video game consoles, and unplug power tools or device chargers.

These little things add up quickly. They could result in significant improvements to energy efficiency in the long term.

Save Money by Investing in Smart Devices

Smart devices help to make our lives more convenient. But they can help out with our savings goals. Smart devices help with energy saving by putting household electrical usage on a schedule.

For example, we could program the lights to turn off when we’re out the door for work. We could program outdoor lamps to switch on at sunset. We can use smart plugs that shut off air conditioners or washing machines when we’re not at home.

The benefit of smart devices is they give us access to our homes while we’re away. We can open the app while not at home and turn off the lights if we accidentally left them on.

With electricity markets in a crunch, this can take the burden off our shoulders of making sure our kids turn off the lights.

Further, we can install electricity monitoring devices to gauge how much energy we use. This allows us to adjust if we discover a sudden spike in usage.

Purchase High-Efficiency Bulbs and Devices

When money is tight, we’re likely to opt for the cheapest lightbulbs. But believe it or not, these devices cost us more in the end. They use outdated incandescent technology that offers weaker lighting with worse efficiency.

When we purchase lighting, we should aim for high-efficiency LED or fluorescent bulbs. They do cost more, but the energy savings when we purchase electricity will be noticeable.

The same goes for our appliances. A cheaper appliance with low energy efficiency will cost us more in the end. Think of buying better, high-efficiency devices as a savings plan. 

Avoid High Energy Usage During Peak Hours

We’ve all heard of the duck curve. This is a duck-shaped graph that depicts when people use the most energy. When it peaks during the daytime and evening, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission records the highest strain on Texas’ grid.

To compensate for this, a power supplier will drive up prices during this time. Retail electricity will cost us more per kilowatt hour, increasing our energy bill. Buying electricity during off-peak hours will save us a lot.

For example, avoid running high-energy devices like a dishwasher or dryer during these times, curb air conditioning use as much as possible. Some would be surprised by how much energy they can save by lowering the temperature by just a few degrees.

Using fans can make up for the lack of air conditioning. A fan uses a lot less energy but allows us to maintain a cool, comfortable home. 

Use Home Air Conditioning as a “Battery”

Air conditioning is a necessity in Texas’ blistering hot summers. But as we mentioned above, air conditioning takes up a lot of electricity. Fortunately, there may be a solution to this.

Some Texans will cool their house to a much colder temperature at night. This may be several degrees lower than even the temperature they set during the daytime. It leaves the house chilly, but it does so when the energy is cheapest.

As long as the home has good insulation, that cold temperature will take a long time to get warmer. It may not be until late afternoon that someone would need to turn on their air conditioner again. The result is massive savings in electricity.

Since most people enjoy a cold house when they sleep–to bundle up–this won’t affect comfort. The mornings might be a bit nippy, but it’s easy to grab a blanket.

After leaving the house, there’s no need to turn on the air conditioner until arriving home. By then, electricity prices are lower than they are during peak hours.

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Electricity is a significant cost for Texas households during this energy crisis. Every owner should be on the lookout for ways to save money when buying electricity. Making just a few small changes can result in huge savings on any energy bill.

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