In celebration of Solar Appreciation Day, it’s time we reflect on how solar energy can affect the planet if used in everyday life. A common stereotype with solar energy is that you can participate only by installing solar panels on your home, which for some people is expensive or unattainable. But contrary to popular belief, you can actually use (and appreciate) solar power in your everyday life — and at little cost to you. 

Here are a few affordable products that you can use if you are looking to up your solar-energy game. 

Solar Power Bank

Solar-powered battery pack from Blavor
Source: Blavor

Starting off our list is an external USB battery pack. Drop-proof and waterproof, this power bank is perfect for the person on the go. Whether you are hiking or taking a stroll, you can easily charge your phone, a Bluetooth speaker, and any other device that is USB compatible. 

And just in case you get caught outside in the dark, this power bank has a solar-powered flashlight! Start your solar energy journey with this must-have battery pack, which can be bought here.

Solar-Powered Keyboard

Solar-powered keyboard from logitech
Source: Logitech

Yep, this is a real thing. This solar-powered keyboard is perfect for those with a lamp or strong light by their desk. This keyboard doesn’t use batteries or electricity to power your mad typing skills – it uses light!

If you don’t have a light near your desk, no worries. You can charge it up outdoors or indoors under a light so it’s ready to use for the next workday. Make the small solar tweak to your office space to make a big difference on the environment. 

Solar-Powered Patio String Lights

Solar-powered string lights
Source: Toodour

Decorating patios with string lights is a popular trend right now, but since they typically remain plugged in 24/7, they can waste a lot of energy, even when they are not in use. With these solar-powered outdoor string lights, you can keep your patio shining bright at night while using little to no brown energy, thus reducing carbon emissions. 

If you’re asking, “Well what if it rains?” — not to worry… these string lights are waterproof! Switch those energy-consuming outdoor lights to these all-solar ones for an easy, green fix. 

Solar-Powered Watch

Solar-powered watch by Timex
Source: Timex

Your favorite watch probably uses a small battery to keep ticking throughout the day. But what happens when that battery dies? You have to go out, buy another one, replace it and produce more waste by throwing away the battery. 

In comes the Timex solar-powered watch, a revolutionary watch that you can charge while you wear. The small solar panels enable it to run purely on solar, thus reducing battery waste and making a more convenient watch-experience for you — not to mention the bragging rights you would get for having a solar-powered watch!  

Outdoor Motion Sensor Light

Solar-powered outdoor lights by iThird
Source: iThird

Everyone either has or needs a motion sensor light on their garage. But as we all know, nothing is more annoying than when you have to replace the lightbulb. 

Not with this solar-powered outdoor motion sensor light! This light will charge with the sunlight every day and is ready to go once night comes – who wouldn’t want this?

Bluetooth Speaker

Solar-powered Bluetooth speaker by ABFOCE
Source: ABFOCE

Have you ever brought your Bluetooth speaker to a pool day and realized that you forgot to charge it? With this solar-powered Bluetooth speaker, you can look forward to a beach or pool day without having to worry about your speaker dying again. 

Not only is this speaker solar powered, but it is also waterproof, so you also don’t have to worry about an accidental splash or drop in the pool. Take this bad boy out on the river, lake, beach – even just a hike! Never miss out on listening to your favorite tunes again.  

To-Go Electric Wall Port

Solar-powered wall port by Sunport
Source: Sunport

This to-go electric wall port is perhaps the most universal of all of our favorite solar-powered products. Perfect for charging on a day-time flight or just simply out at a coffee shop window, this port will stick to any wall or window and, once exposed to sunlight, will provide you energy to charge your phone, computer, or anything else you need to charge on the go. 

A product like no other, this electric wall port is one of the most convenient, portable forms of clean energy. 

With these easy-to-use, convenient products you can start making small solar improvements throughout your life at little cost to you. If you don’t have one of these in your device drawer, it is time to start.

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