Did you know that around one-third of us will pay more for a sustainable product? So here’s a secret to help you next time you start a search for the perfect gift.

Most people you buy for might not tell you straight-up, but what they want for their next birthday or seasonal celebration is an eco-friendly product. 

If you’re stuck for gift ideas, read on. We’ve put together this definitive guide to the best eco-friendly gifts you can buy. Whether you want something for a curious child, daring adventurer, chef, or fashionista, we have an idea for you. 

An Eco-Friendly Cookbook

Food-themed gifts for eco-friendly friends are always a winner and a wise choice if you know a budding chef.

There are plenty of ways to live sustainably through the food you buy and eat. And many cookbooks on the market will help your loved one do that.

You could choose a cookbook with ideas on zero-waste cooking, one that covers organic food, or perhaps a vegan cookbook. Why not consider the hugely popular Zero Waste Cookbook for your next eco gift? 

Bamboo Coffee Cup

Did you know that Americans use 130 billion disposable coffee cups annually? We may love our daily Starbucks, but these throwaway paper containers significantly damage the environment.

However, you’ll find many trendy and practical reusable coffee cups on the market. Take these cups to your favorite cafe, and any barista will be happy to serve your latte in a reusable container.

Bamboo products are great because it’s a sustainable material, and they look beautiful. So why not gift your loved one a bamboo coffee cup? Don’t forget to choose eco-friendly gift wrapping to make your present eco-perfect. 

Solar-Powered STEM Robot

STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics, and it’s currently the top educational priority for many parents.

Toy manufacturers have embraced STEM wholeheartedly. Some fantastic gifts available for children will help them fine-tune their flourishing scientific brains.

If you plan to buy for a child, you can combine an eco-friendly gift with a must-have STEM toy by purchasing a solar-powered robot construction toy. Here are some of the top sellers on Amazon. 

If solar power is something you’re interested in, here’s another way you can embrace renewable energy in your life. 

Did you know that you probably live in a house or apartment that can switch to renewable energy right now? Type in your zip code here to search our innovative renewable energy plans

Sustainable Shopping Bags

Disposable bags made of plastic cause lots of environmental damage.

Often, they end up on landfill sites, where sadly, it takes over 1000 years for that plastic to decompose. Plus, many bags end up in the ocean, posing a catastrophic problem to endangered marine life. 

So reusable shopping bags are a fantastic environmentally friendly alternative. Moreover, they are trendy and come in wonderful original designs, making an ideal gift when you’re on a tight budget.

The best materials for eco-friendly shopping bags include jute, hemp, recycled PET, and cotton. Browse Etsy sellers to find unique, fun designs for your next gift-shopping expedition. 

Organic Skincare Gift Set

Perhaps you’re buying for someone who loves beauty products. In which case, why not choose a luxury organic skincare range?

Organic products don’t contain chemicals, and if they use natural ingredients, they aren’t grown with damaging pesticides that cause enormous harm to bees and soil.

Organic gifts are a fantastic way to put eco-friendly products at the heart of your gift-buying. Plus, these products are great for the skin and a popular choice for anyone who wants to make themselves look and feel good. 

Popular organic skincare brands include True Botanicals, Reed + Gwen, and Juice Beauty. 

Eco-Friendly Backpack

Do you have an adventurer in your life? Then an eco-friendly backpack could make a perfect gift that’s practical and sustainable.

An eco-friendly backpack is one made from sustainable material. You’ll want to focus on finding a bag with plenty of innovative storage features. You should also choose one that is lightweight and waterproof.

Popular eco-friendly brands on the market with hikers and campers include Solgaard’s Shore-Tex range, the 8000Kicks’ Everyday Backpack, and Cotopaxi’s vegan-friendly Del Dia range

Sustainable Perfume

Did you know that traditional perfume sprays are harmful to the environment? Most modern perfumes might smell beautiful and fragrant. However, the average brand contains potentially harmful chemicals that get released into the atmosphere.

So while perfumes might not do as much damage as a private jet, our love of fashionable fragrances isn’t as eco-friendly as we think. 

However, a new innovative company hopes to offer consumers an alternative to the traditional perfume brand. 

The AIR company is a fascinating concept because they use CO2 as part of the fragrance, helping consumers to take small steps to help reduce their carbon footprint. So why not consider an eco-friendly perfume for that important person in your life? 

Eco Pajamas

Luxury, cozy pajamas will warm anyone’s heart, and you can choose this gift while still opting for something environmentally friendly.

Not all brands offer the same route to eco-friendly products, but many offer ways to make your pajama purchase more sustainable. That might be through the use of organic materials or sustainable manufacturing practices.

Some offer pajamas in sustainable materials, including silk, cotton, and bamboo. Popular eco-friendly pajama brands include Underprotection, The Ethical Silk Company, and the zero-waste brand Amour Vert

Soy Wax Candles

Pure soy wax candles don’t contain chemicals. So they are a fantastic way to add aromatherapy scents to your home without emitting harmful products into the atmosphere. And candles also make a gorgeous gift for any house-proud recipient.

Soy candles these days come set in beautiful, sustainable glass jars that you can reuse after the wax has melted. And with a wide variety of designs and scents, it’s easy to find the right style for the one you love. 

Etsy is a wise place to start your search when buying soy candles, as they offer hundreds of homemade products from independent sellers. If you want something more designer, look at the brands The Plant Project, Siblings, and Vellabox. 

Eco-Friendly Gifts for Any Recipient

You can make a statement with eco-friendly gifts without any awkward compromise on quality or design. Use our guide to eco-friendly gift ideas as your starting point to find the perfect choice for that special someone in your life.

And if you are passionate about taking more steps to help the environment, we have an easy task for you before you go.

Head to our plan search tool, enter your zip code and see if you’re eligible for our renewable energy plans. Or if you have questions, use our phone and chat facility.

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