Life on Earth depends on energy, and the source of nearly all of that energy is derived from the Sun! As a solar energy company, it should come as no surprise we’re pretty obsessed with understanding everything there is to know about harnessing the Earth’s energy for good. Within this Energy 101 resource page, we dive deep into different types of clean energy, how it all works, and what your role is in the intertwined network we call the electricity grid.

We want you to become a more informed energy consumer who’s aware of where their energy comes from and how it’s created. You can also use our insider tips and tricks to save money on your energy bills!

Start with Our Essential (and Quick) Reads on Energy Basics

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What is Energy Choice?

You’ve got the power to choose your electricity provider! We help you understand why energy choice, also called energy deregulation, empowers customers and moves the energy industry forward.


Which Electricity Plans Right for Me?

That’s the million-dollar question. Our step-by-step guide walks you through the basic terminology you need to know and so you can determine what’s right for you.


How to Read Your Electricity Facts Label

AKA: The fine print of your electricity plan. While an EFL contains a ton of information, you only need to understand four key factors to estimate how much you might pay each month.

Learn About Different Energy Sources


Solar Energy Explained

Clearly, we LOVE solar power. If there’s one place you should visit to learn about the miracle power source that is solar energy, it would definitely Chariot Energy.

Wind turbine

Wind Energy Explained

Fun fact: Wind energy is actually a byproduct of solar energy. Learn more about the basics of wind energy and its huge potential to transform our nation’s energy landscape. 


Clean Energy Explained

Not all energy is created equal. In this article, we discuss the six types of clean energy, plus two more than people think are clean (but really aren’t).

Green leaves

Green Energy Explained

Another fun fact: Green energy is not the same as clean energy. We explain the differences in detail and try our best not to sound like a textbook while doing it. 


Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs)

Did you know renewable energy has its own currency? It’s called a Renewable Energy Certificate, and in this article, we go over everything you should know about them.

Gas tank

Fossil Fuels vs. Green Energy

On the surface, the answer seems pretty simple: fossil fuels include coal, oil and natural gas, while green energy includes solar, wind and others. We explain the real differences here. 

Read Our Tips on How to Save Energy (& Money)

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30 Ways to Boost Home Energy Efficiency

Yes, 30! We share everything we know, from simple suggestions to ambitious alterations. The less energy you use, the cheaper your electricity bill will be.

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9 Ways to Save Money on Your Electric Bill

Even more tips to help you! In this article, we take a holistic view of your home and pinpoint the areas where you could be saving the most.

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Vampire Electricity Explained

Put down the garlic and wooden stakes. Vampire electricity refers to the $200 an average household wastes each year on electricity that certain electronic devices use — even when they’re “off.”

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