The Freedom of a Month to Month Electricity Plan

For customers who prefer electricity plans without a contract but still want to make eco-friendly decisions, Chariot Energy has the perfect solution for you.

Our variable-rate electricity plan helps you take advantage of the potentially money-saving market prices of renewable energy without the commitment or fear of a hefty fee for ending your contract before it’s up. Best of all, you don’t need solar panels, since we can connect your Texas home to 100% green energy the moment you switch.

Introducing Chariot Freedom

Our Variable Rate Electricity Plan


Month-to-Month Electricity

No Cancellation Fee


100% Renewable Energy

What’s the Difference Between a Variable Rate and a Fixed Rate?

While Texas retail electricity providers offer lots of energy plans, they all boil down to two basic options: Fixed-rate plans and variable-rate plans. Here are their differences:

  • Variable-rate plans or month-to-month plans ride the energy market. If the price of electricity goes down, variable-rate customers will likely enjoy a cheaper electricity bill that month compared to fixed-rate customers. If rates go up, the price per kilowatt-hour of electricity will increase. However, customers aren’t bound to any contract, meaning they can switch at any point to a different company, a different plan, or choose to lower their energy consumption until prices are low again. 
  • Fixed-rate plans lock in an electricity rate for a certain period of time. Customers who choose these plans enjoy long-term price stability. If the market goes up, their rates won’t change, but if the market goes down, then they might end up paying more. With fixed rates, Chariot already factors in market highs and lows, so customers can enjoy a secure, affordable electric rate all year round.

Chariot Energy offers both of these plans. There’s no right or wrong choice between these two types of plans — both are great choices! Ultimately, it comes down to how you want to pay for your power.

We’re on a Mission to Change the Way Power is Made

Father and son watering the yard

There’s no doubt that energy production from fossil fuels has revolutionized our lives for good — but we can’t rely on them forever. As a society, we’ve got to find other ways to generate electricity that won’t produce excess carbon emissions and will instead create a brighter future for generations to come.

Chariot Energy wants to make that transition to cleaner energy happen — but we need your support. As a retail electric company and solar power generator, Chariot Energy’s built two massive solar projects in West Texas with the help of our affiliates. We’re also doing our part to debunk the myth that renewable energy is more expensive than electricity from fossil fuels.

Green electricity’s the way forward, so we invite you to come along on our journey for a cleaner future! Sign up for a solar energy plan today, and help us make our mission a reality!