Considering a move to Texas, but not sure if it’s the right move? Living in Texas is amazing, and knowing a little more about what to expect can help soothe your anxiety. The secret is out about how great Texas is, so you will have plenty of company when you relocate. As the second most populous state in the US, there are cities in Texas for every personality and interest. 

Why Move to Texas? 

The cost of living in Texas is one major reason why people choose to relocate. Affordable housing makes it easier to put down roots. The affordable cost of living is made more so by the lack of state income tax. As one of the most tax-friendly states in the US, Texas builds its budget on property and sales tax, rather than counting on income tax from its citizens. 

Along with an affordable cost of living, Texas has a booming economy. Often, areas with a lower cost of living come with low wages and difficulty finding employment. These are not issues you find in Texas. Texas’ bustling economy will only continue to expand, as more technology companies move their operations to the state. 

Of course, financial concerns aren’t the only considerations when deciding on a place to live. Texas also offers a variety of high-quality colleges and universities, so you can raise your family with confidence that they can stay in-state after high school if they choose. 

Texas also has several professional sports teams, including the Dallas Cowboys, San Antonio Spurs, and Houston Astros. If you are interested in less conventional sports, there are plenty of rodeos that provide awe-inspiring entertainment. 

Best Cities in Texas

Everyone has different needs when they are considering relocation. Here is a starting point for your relocation plan. Consider the benefits of each city, what you look for in a community, and begin to narrow your choice. 


The capital city of Texas is surprisingly affordable. The job market is booming, with Austin increasingly becoming a technology hub. Austin is known for its amazing access to live music, outdoor recreation, and mild weather. 


With an abundance of Fortune 500 companies headquartered in Houston, employment shouldn’t be a problem. Fill your weekends cheering on professional sports teams nearly year-round. The largest metropolis of Texas, Houston is only expected to grow. 

San Antonio

Like its neighbor, Austin, San Antonio is becoming a hub for technology. It is also the place to be for anyone with career goals related to healthcare and bioscience. This growing city boasts a 15-mile downtown riverwalk as well as amazing restaurants that offer authentic Texas barbecue and Latin American and Mexican dishes. 

Of course, there are many more areas to choose from, including Dallas, Fort Worth, Arlington, Amarillo, and Corpus Christi. When you are choosing a place to call home, there are several ways to weigh your decision. 

If you already have a job offer and are relocating for work, you have an idea of the general area where you want to live. However, if you are moving for a fresh start, and plan to find a job after you relocate, your options are wide open. Another consideration is remote work. With the increasing flexibility offered by employers and the availability of hybrid options, you may be willing to live a little further from your workplace, knowing you won’t have a daily commute. 

The affordability of an area is always a consideration. The state of Texas overall is highly affordable. Moving to an area that stretches your budget may mean less of an opportunity to enjoy all of the activities the state has to offer. 

If you have family or friends who live in Texas and are hoping to spend time with them, location is important. For individuals coming from other states, particularly the eastern half of the country, it can be hard to understand how large the state of Texas is. 

Crime statistics and the quality of schools are two factors that weigh heavily on the quality of life in an area. While no city is perfect, choosing an area with an overall low crime rate and average to above-average school system indicates a comfortable quality of life. 

Finally, choose an area that meets your needs. Some people enjoy the bustle of city life, while others prefer more suburban or even rural living. For some, spending time outdoors means lying on the beach, while for others, it means hiking and mountain biking. Texas is a state that offers something for everyone. Once you narrow down what you want out of a place to live, you are sure to find your community in Texas. 

Making the Move

When exploring the different cities in Texas, you may wonder about remaining comfortable year-round. Texas heat can be extreme and winter weather varies considerably, depending on the location. 

To make sure you are comfortable in your new home, consider green energy. Solar energy has advanced considerably, and new alternatives allow you to be on an energy grid, eliminating the need to install solar panels on your home. 

Green energy benefits both you and the environment. You can reduce your utility bills, earn tax credits and rebates, and benefit the surrounding community by reducing the fossil fuel and water resources your family consumes. Solar energy also provides a reliable, always available, source of electricity. 

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