A United States report shows that households are likely to spend 30% more to heat their home this winter. Making winter 2024 a more expensive year to keep a home comfortable.

Because of this, households are considering the ideal temperature for the home. As more people are trying to save money and use their heating wisely.

The good news is that there are ways to decrease an energy bill this winter. As well as the best temperature for a home that won’t have the heating bill going through the ceiling.

Keep reading to find out what temperature a home should be set to during winter.

What is the Ideal Temperature for Winter 2024?

The majority of people have become very comfortable with an inside temperature of 72ºF. Making this the ideal temperature for most.

Though it can be hard to keep a home heated to this extent during winter. Especially if we are trying to decrease our energy bill during the colder months.

Because of this, it is recommended to keep an ideal temperature of 68ºF during winter. Most people are comfortable with this and it keeps the worst of the cold away.

However, this is going to be different for every family and everyone’s comfort levels. So, some experimentation may need to be done to find the best temperature for each home.

Many people may also notice that they develop the ability to withstand colder temperatures. Once we get used to it, we can often live comfortably with less indoor heating.

Should You Adjust Your Temperature at Night?

When it comes to the ideal temperature, nighttime can often be different. We sleep better at different temperatures, making certain temperature settings ideal.

The United States Department of Energy recommends that we keep our homes at 65ºF at night. Though most would assume the heating should go up, that isn’t the case.

We actually sleep better if our homes are on the cooler side at night. The body is able to better regulate temperature, resulting in much better sleep.

This also makes sense as most people are bundling up more at night during winter. So we are already going to have added warmth from bedding and pajamas.

Lowering the temperature at night is a great way to conserve heating and save money. Chariot Energy offers excellent options to help households do just that.

With Chariot Energy, we can have no down payment. As well as no 15-20 year commitment and no equipment that we have to maintain.

Because of this, Chariot Energy offers energy-saving options to help households this winter.

Ideal Temperature for Winter When You Are Away

Now that we know what temperature is ideal for the home, what about when we aren’t home? This is a common question that people have, as they don’t want to waste money.

Though we also shouldn’t just leave our homes without any heating at all. Even when away, a home should be heated to some extent so that it doesn’t get too chilly.

the Department of Energy recommends keeping a home at 64ºF if there are pets there. Heating at this level will keep them warm and the home comfortable.

Though house plants need to be in an environment of 60ºF to stay alive. So the ideal temperature for when we aren’t home is going to vary by person.

For very cold temperatures, we may need to have the heating a bit higher just in case. Especially if there is a risk of the pipes freezing during the night.

People should always check the weather to ensure that they have a safe temperature for the home. This is the best way to keep our home safe and warm enough during winter.

What Is the Lowest Setting Option for Winter?

When it comes to heating a home, many people try to save money in this area. There are many energy options, such as a portable air conditioner, but there are limitations when it comes to heating.

We may want to lower our energy bills by reducing the heating in our homes. Though this should be done with caution as we don’t want our homes to be too cold.

It is recommended that households be kept at 50ºF to 55ºF at least. These temperatures will keep the pipes from freezing as well as other issues from occurring.

This is very important as pipes can freeze in winter, resulting in a huge mess and damage. We also want to keep our homes warm for the sake of our health during winter.

If the home is left vacant during winter, these are the lowest temperature setting that should be set. Any lower and the home is at risk of water damage from freezing.

How to Save Money When Heating Your Home

We all want to save money when heating our homes this winter. Especially as prices are rising and we want to stay warm and cozy.

One great way to save money is to go with renewable energy for the home. Chariot Energy offers some of the most competitively priced plans in Texas for households.

This is just one way to save on the energy bill. Setting our home to the ideal temperature is also very important in saving money.

It has also been proven that having a thermostat in the same setting all day will not save energy. Adjusting it by the time of day and when we are away is the best way to conserve energy.

Best Temperature Settings for Winter 2024

Anyone who wants to save on their energy bill this winter should set their thermostat to the ideal temperature. This can help to conserve energy while still keeping the home warm.

People should also look into renewable energy options. Those who live in an apartment, townhouse, or rental can still use renewable energy for the home!

Want to stay warm and toasty this winter? Contact us today at Chariot Energy for renewable energy plans.

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