Glaciers are melting. Global temperatures are rising. California is burning. 

The fact of the matter is Earth is changing—in part by natural weather patterns, but also because of human activity. Climate change is real, and global warming is a natural part of Earth’s climate cycles, with the latest Ice Age being a prime example. However, scientists from around the world, including NASA, have concluded undeniable evidence that human activity has exacerbated the effects of our weather patterns. 

If left unchecked, we could do irreversible damage to the planet—something obviously nobody wants. This begs the question: How do you as an individual fit into all of this? 

As a company that specializes in renewable energy and reducing greenhouse gas emissions, Chariot Energy is well-equipped to tackle this massive undertaking—and also ease some of the anxiety you might be feeling. 

1. Let Go of Your Feelings of Guilt

First, don’t judge yourself or let others judge you for not always making eco-friendly decisions in your life. As the popular saying goes, we’re our own worst critics, but it doesn’t help to read people online telling us what we should and shouldn’t do to live a more sustainable lifestyle. 

It’s not your fault the world is the way it is. Don’t stress about not driving an electric vehicle or eating meat even though you’re aware of its carbon footprint. You aren’t perfect. 

What matters is that you first accept the truth on climate action and then find your own way of making a difference—and do so on your own terms. 

2.  Consider Eating Less Meat

Burgers are great, but the patty has a carbon footprint that you might not be aware of. Meat production contributes to a significant amount of carbon emissions, approximately 10% for all agricultural activities in the U.S.1

The solution? Consider eating less meat and dairy. One of our favorite ways to do this without sacrificing too much is to swap your Monday dinners for a meat-free option like a hearty vegetable soup or a tasty pot of beans and rice. 

We’re not saying you should go vegetarian or vegan — unless that’s your thing. We do advocate that you become more conscious of the food you eat. Take note of how many meals each week you eat that have some form of meat, and consider the carbon footprint. The answer may surprise you! 

3. Learn More About Recycling

Recycling isn’t as complicated as it seems. After all, in the U.S. recycling system, there are typically only two bins: One for trash and one for recyclables. 

The trick is to know what you can actually recycle and what you can’t. To kickstart your journey into recycling, start with a few water bottles and ensuring that bin makes it to the curb each week. From there, work your way up to whatever you feel comfortable doing. Our guide to recycling has everything you need to become a great recycler and participate in climate action. 

4. Use Less Electricity at Home

Conserving power at home not only lowers your electricity bill, but it can also benefit the environment. In the U.S., 27% of all greenhouse gas emissions are linked to electricity generation—most of it from the burning of fossil fuels like coal and natural gas. 

While you might have a green energy plan, you probably want a cheaper electric bill at the end of the month, too. We certainly do! As a Texas retail electric provider, we have many articles on the subject, including one containing 30 tips to make your home more energy-efficient

5. Consider a Renewable Energy Plan for Your Home

Chariot Energy exists to provide you with 100% solar power for your home with absolutely no solar panels required. We noticed that people wanted to “go green,” but they either didn’t know how or couldn’t afford to because it was so expensive. Not only do we provide you with affordable solar, but we also own the solar panels that create that very electricity. We have effectively cut the middle man out to provide your home with pure solar power that actually makes a difference. 

You Can’t Stop Climate Change Alone. We All Must Work Together.

Unfortunately, one person can’t stop climate change on their own. These five tips don’t provide the silver bullet that the world needs to slow rising temperatures.

However, imagine if 7 billion people ate less meat. Or if they began taking public transportation. Turned their air conditioning up before they left the house. Recycled one water bottle. While our individual actions seemingly don’t matter, they can add up to something huge when you combine everyone’s efforts. 

To truly solve the climate change issue, it’s going to take everyone pitching in. Chariot Energy remains hopeful of that future.



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