Whether we know it or not, many of our daily activities contribute to the creation of greenhouse gas emissions like carbon dioxide, methane and fluorinated gases. This includes cooking, driving, using electricity, eating meat, washing clothes, watching TV, and more. Yikes!

Don’t get too discouraged, though! The reality is that everyone has a carbon footprint — an estimate of a person’s impact on the planet — including our team at Chariot Energy. We all drive, cook, clean, watch TV, and use electricity, so it’s something we can’t avoid. However, it’s our responsibility to take steps to lower our carbon footprint and overall impact on the planet, even if it’s through small changes like swapping your plastic fork for a reusable one.

Below, you’ll find everything you need to know about how to reduce your carbon footprint. From learning how to recycle to changing your shopping habits, we left no stone unturned.

Carbon Footprint 101: The Basics


What is My Carbon Footprint?

This is the fundamental question. You’ve probably heard the term tossed around before, but we explain it all for you, giving you an easy-to-understand definition so you can better recognize the impact of your everyday choices!

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What are Carbon Offsets?

Once you know what a carbon footprint is, you need to learn how to balance it out. That’s the role of carbon offsets. These are actions, projects or activities that reduce the amount of CO2 emissions and other greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.


What Does It Mean to Be Carbon Neutral?

Carbon neutral, climate neutral, carbon positive, climate positive — what do these all mean? We explain all of these terms and share tips on how you can become more carbon neutral in your daily life, like eating less red meat or conserving electricity.


What are Greenhouse Gases?

A huge myth is that all greenhouse gases (GHGs) are bad for the environment. In reality, we rely on GHGs to keep our atmosphere warm! However, you can also have too much of a good thing. You need to know what’s happening to our atmosphere and how you can help.

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What is Climate Change?

You can’t really talk about carbon footprints without mentioning global warming and climate change, which can be a polarizing conversation in some circles. In this article, we give you the straight facts from our sustainability team so you can be accurately informed.


Saving Energy to Lower Your Footprint

Unless you have a 100% renewable energy plan, you’re emitting greenhouse gases when you consume electricity! Start by implementing these five easy things around your house so you can cut back your energy consumption (and save some real money).

Carbon Footprint 2.0: Next Level Tips

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10 Easy Ways to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Now we’re getting into real, actionable tips you can take to slash your impact on the environment! Here are 10 easy ways you can become a bit more greener in your everyday life. And no, it doesn’t involve eating all plant-based and getting an electric car (unless that’s your thing)!


25 Green Living Tips: Easiest to Most Difficult

There are more tips where that came from, since there are more than 10 ways to live a more sustainable lifestyle. We share 25 more green living tips that deliver the greatest impact on the environment. We’ve got everything, from easy and intermediate tips to more advanced ones. Are you up for the challenge?

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5 Clever Ways to Live a More Sustainable Life

These are those dark horse tips that few know about but everyone should implement. Our five tips — ranging from reducing food waste to becoming more educated on single-use plastics — are for anyone and everyone, beginner to sustainability expert!

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How to Reduce Your Family’s Footprint

Going green doesn’t have to be a solo effort – the more, the better! So, it’s time to lower your family’s carbon footprint. Since the positive benefits are multiplied across each person, just a couple of crucial household changes make these adjustments more effective.

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Your Guide to the 4 R’s of Green Living

Reduce, reuse, recycle, repurpose. We give you actionable advice on how to increase each of those in your everyday life. You can do your part to help the environment, but you just have to be a bit creative!

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7 Things You Might Be Recycling Wrong

From used cardboard pizza boxes and plastic bags to single-use coffee cups, we’ve all unknowingly recycled something that should’ve been thrown in the garbage. This can actually increase your carbon footprint! We want to help you fix those bad habits and help the planet.

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