Residential home energy causes 20% of the greenhouse emissions in the United States. This is a huge percentage, especially considering it is only for residential homes. It is enough to make anyone want a self-sufficient home.

There is no time like the present to make this change to how your home operates? This is a great time to ditch the harmful energy that our homes are using for renewable energy options.

Having an energy-independent home is a great way to start our green living lifestyle. It is a powerful move towards becoming more independent and using renewable resources.

Keep reading to find out why everyone should be using independent energy for their home and where to start.

Why Make Your Home Energy Independent?

Anyone considering renewable energy has probably asked themselves, why bother? This is a common question as people don’t understand what the benefits of renewable energy are for their homes.

Independent energy is important as so much energy is already in use. This contributes to all kinds of environmental issues, adding to the growing threats the earth is facing.

Having a self-sufficient home is one way that we can help by cutting back on the energy that we use. As well as using energy more responsibly by using renewable energy sources.

Big Savings

Though getting renewable energy for a home isn’t going to be dirt cheap, it can help people to save money over time. Especially when considering that the average homeowner in the US will spend anywhere from $118 to $115 every month on energy costs.

This is an expense that could be avoided by using better energy sources that are renewable and independent.

Becoming energy independent is a great way to invest in our homes and get a better deal on energy. Over time our bills will look much smaller without having to cut back on our energy usage.

There are also exceptional deals out there and plans that anyone can get for their home. For someone looking to have a greener lifestyle, renewable energy is one of the best places to start.


Having an energy-independent home is a great eco-friendly option that anyone could appreciate. Most homes use energy, making this a huge issue that renewable sources could solve.

All of this energy contributes to things like pollution, greenhouse gases, and many more harmful things. These are things that we can avoid contributing to by switching to independent energy sources.

Becoming energy independent is a big part of anyone’s green living journey if they want to have an energy efficient home. It is a big step but well worth the effort since renewable energy is very accessible now.

If we were to go with a company like Chariot Energy, it requires very little effort on our part. Chariot Energy takes care of all of the details and can help to get renewable energy up and running quickly and without any hassle.

How to Start Making Your Home Energy Independent

Anyone looking to have a self-sufficient home should do a few things before moving forwards.

Making the change to renewable energy is a big step, and we shouldn’t jump into it without doing our research first. 

The good thing is that people can always ask questions to find out what their best options are. That and online research are the best ways to get all of the information that is important.

Keep reading to find out what steps to take before deciding on independent energy options.

Look at Your Options

The first thing anyone should do during this process is to look at their options. There are several options to choose from, such as Solar energy, Wind energy, Tidal energy, and many more.

These are all renewable energy sources that can help with anyone’s home living situation. It doesn’t matter where someone lives, they can still use these kinds of energy sources.

Live in an apartment, townhouse, or rental? Think we can’t go with renewable energy? Well, now this is an option no matter where we live.

Places like Chariot Energy can help anyone to get renewable energy no matter where they live. No down payment, no 15-20 year commitment, no equipment to maintain or install.

This gives everyone way more options than they have ever had before. This makes renewable energy more realistic for people looking to live greener.

Not every renewable source is the same, so we should look into the best options for our homes and where we live.

Decide on a Budget

How much the independent energy costs is also a factor to consider when making this switch. Not every company is made the same way and is going to offer the same kinds of price rates.

This is why we should be prepared to shop around until the best rates are found for our home. There are many great businesses that offer affordable options, so renewable energy is available to everyone.

It is also important to keep in mind that a self-sufficient home is more affordable in the long term. Many renewable energy sources will still end up being more affordable than traditional home energy.

Chariot Energy offers a list of plans according to where the home is located. This allows anyone to find the plan that is right for them and their budget.

This is the way to go for anyone who wants to make this environmental switch but can’t afford an expensive option.

Make Your Home Energy Independent 

For those looking to make changes to their home, why not start by making our home energy independent? This is a great step to take for anyone looking to contribute less to environmental pollution.

Though renewable energy may seem intimidating at first, it isn’t as complicated as one might think. In fact, it can be as easy to set up as regular home energy, if not easier.

Want to have a self-sufficient home and rely less on normal energy? Contact us today at Chariot Energy to talk to one of our professionals about the best renewable energy plan for your home.

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